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Find a counsellor

Counsellors are great for helping you understand yourself and work through issues. Sometimes problems are short term (a fight with your friend) or long term (dealing with trauma). Getting counselling can be expensive, but you can find free or low-cost counsellors through some non-profit organizations.

What can a counsellor help me with?

Seeing a counsellor means you can talk openly through your issues in a confidential, caring, and supportive environment. Counsellors can often help you see your problem in a new way.

They can help you:

  • Figure out what’s bothering you and how it’s affecting your life.
  • Explore your thoughts and feelings.
  • Feel more self-aware and have more self-control.
  • Explore destructive patterns of behaviour.
  • See your options and make better choices.
  • Identify your goals and what kind of person you want to grow into.
  • Help you create a plan for achieving your goals.

Do I have to pay to see a counsellor?

Sometimes. There are counsellors that range from expensive to free all over BC. Many non-profits offer counselling on a sliding scale. This means you pay based on your income. If you don’t make a lot of money, your counselling will be free or very low cost.

How do I find a counsellor near me?

Many organizations will find you counselling or work with you to get affordable mental health services:

If you can pay for counselling or have extended health coverage, you can find a counsellor at Counselling BC.

If you don’t have coverage, check out free or low cost counsellors using BC211. Use keywords like low-costfree, and sliding scale counselling.

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