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What can I learn on provides you with a variety of resources, life skills, and information for your journey out of care.

I live outside the Lower Mainland. Can I still get relevant information for my community?

Yes. is a provincial website that includes resources in all regions of BC.

Can I talk to someone if I have a question?

Yes. Email the AgedOut team for help with questions about the site. Just click the orange “Need Help” button in the top left corner of the site.

You can also call us to ask about resources not listed on the site.

Do I have to create an account?

You must have an account to access videos, information, and to receive real world perks.

Who sees the information I share on

MCFD has access to any information shared on, so you can share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing. In order to receive a Real World Perk, you must at least share your current name, any previous names (i.e. before marriage or adoption) and birthdate. Otherwise the information on the site is private.

If you visit other websites, we can’t guarantee the privacy of information you share on their sites.

Can I customize my profile?

Yes. Once you’ve created an account you can customize your background and select your mood for the day.

Does my progress get saved?

If you’ve created an account and are logged in, your progress will be saved so you can revisit the site later without losing anything.

Can I add friends to my profile? is focused on creating the best learning experience for you. Currently you can’t add friends to your profile, but you can share pages with your friends and encourage them to sign up too!

What’s a quest?

Quests are interactive ways to learn information. You can start them once you’ve logged in.

What are badges and how do I collect them?

Badges tell you what activities you’ve done on the website. For example, if you watch five movies you’ll get a Movie Buff badge. See if you can collect all 24 badges!

Does my feedback get used?

Yes. We listen to all feedback! We hope to make regular changes and add new information based on the feedback we get. If you have an account you’ll be notified when changes occur.

Why do you need to know my care status?

Because the real-world perks/gift cards that can be earned on this site are only for youth in and from government care in BC. In order to make sure gift cards are given to those who are eligible, we have to check your care status. This process may take up to 2 weeks to verify, thanks for your paitence!

What’s a real world perk and how do I get it?

If you’re a youth in or from government care in BC and your care status has been verified, you’ll receive a real world perk.

A real world perk is a gift card to a store of your choice. Once you’ve earned a gift card on, select your preferred gift card choice and the AgedOut team will email it to you.

If I’m not from care can I get real world perks?

No, but you can still earn collectibles and badges. You can also participate fully by watching videos, participating in quests, and learning information.

Can I get perks if I’m over 24?

Real world perks are only available for users aged 13 to 24.

How do I get my perks?

Real world perks will be mailed or emailed to you. Make sure your contact information is up to date on your profile.

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