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About Belonging Network

The Belonging Network is a Canadian non-profit providing support, education, and connection for adoptive and permanency families and youth in and from government care in BC and beyond

Formerly the Adoptive Families Association of BC, we began more than 45 years ago as a group of adoptive parents who dedicated their time and energy to supporting each other and other families in British Columbia. We’ve since expanded to serve all types of permanency and adoptive families as well as youth in and from government care.

The Belonging Network’s youth programs support youth in and from government care, and youth with lived experience of adoption and permanency. Most of the participants in our youth programs are between 15 and 29 years old. Our programs can help you learn new skills, access all kinds of supports, and gain confidence as you transition into adulthood and independence.

We’ve worked with youth for many years. Everything we do is by youth, for youth. We embrace the idea of “nothing about us without us.” The lived experiences, needs, and voices of youth who’ve been there and done that inform every program and service we create.

Our goal is to support youth as fully as possible. We offer:

  • bursaries to help you pursue educational opportunities
  • a one-stop online resource hub packed with information about transitioning out of government care (, the site you’re on right now)
  • life skills programming in partnership with community organizations across BC
  • and more!

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