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Get a Status Card

Get a Status Card

A Status Card verifies your First Nations or Inuit heritage. You can get benefits and resources specifically for First Nations or Inuit people once you've got a Status Card. 

As of December 10, 2020, you can select a non-binary gender identifier on the application form when applying for Indian status or a status card: M (male), F (female) or X (another gender).

Why should I get a Status Card?

If you have a Status Card, you have certain rights and benefits that may not be available to Non-Status Indians or Métis people. This may include:

  • On-reserve housing
  • Education benefits
  • Non-Insured Health benefits
  • Tax exemptions

Am I eligible for a Status Card?

To apply for a secure status card, you must be registered under the Indian Act. If you are not registered, you can now apply for both registration and a secure status card at the same time.

Friendship Centre or your band can help you register or apply for your Status Card.

Am I eligible to register as a Status Indian?

You can register if: 

  • Your biological parent(s) have status
  • Grandparents have status
  • Are part of a band

If neither of these are true, but you believe you have a First Nations or Inuit heritage, check these other requirements.

How do I register as a Status Indian?

  1. Fill out and print off the Indian Registration application form. Choose the adult application if you are 16 or older, or the child application if you are under 16.  

You may apply in person at your nearest regional office, click here for locations 
OR by mail:

National Registration Processing Unit
10 Wellington Street
Gatineau Quebec K1A 0H4 

Insider Tip

Section 3 of the application form: If you do not know your band number or the numbers of your parents, leave it blank. It's important to name the band though.

OK, I'm registered. How do I apply for my Status Card?

To apply for your Status Card, you'll need:

  • Your completed application form.
  • Two passport-style photographs with both the photographer's and your guarantors signature on the back OR you can now take your own photos when you apply for a secure status card and submit it with your guarantor's name, email and signature right from your smart phone using the SCIS photo app. **this second option is free so you wont have to pay for the photos**
  • One piece of Valid ID. If you apply by mail, photocopy the front and back of your ID and have your guarantor sign and date the photocopies. 
  • Someone to fill out the Guarantor declaration form. This can be anyone over 18 who is registered under the Indian Act or employed in an eligible occupation, and has known you for at least two years.

Send by mail to:

National SCIS Processing Unit
Indigenous Services Canada
10 rue Wellington
Gatineau QC  K1A 0H4

Insider Tip

You have lots of options for places to get your photos done: Wal-Mart, Superstore, London Drugs, and Shopper's Drug Mart all have passport photo services.

You can also apply online through OneFeather.

How it works:

  • They help you gather all of the documentation that you need, including a portrait photo.
  • Then they review your application to make sure that there are no errors.
  • Once your application looks complete, they send your guarantor an email and allow them to sign it digitally.
  • Finally, they send your application to Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) in a digital format.

    Check out their FAQ for more information.

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