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Get my birth certificate

Get my birth certificate

Your birth certificate is one of the main pieces of ID used to identify you and show your Canadian citizenship. It has your name, birthday, and the place you were born on it. Your birth certificate is super important. Try and keep it in a safe place instead of carrying it in your wallet or purse.

Why do I need my birth certificate?

Your birth certificate is usually necessary to get other ID. If you don't have your birth certificate, it'll be difficult to get a driver's licence, Status Card, or BC Services Card (CareCard).

How do I get one?

If you're in care, your social worker might have a copy of your birth certificate. If not, you'll have to order one. Below are the steps to get a birth certificate if you were born in BC. If you were born in another province you can find out what information you will need here.

If you were born outside of Canada search birth certificates and the name of the country you were born in on google. The process to get your birth certificate outside of canada varies by country and this will help you get the most accurate information.

To get your birth certificate, you need to know: 

  • Your full name.
  • Your birthdate and place of birth.
  • The full names of your biological parents. 
  • Your birth mother's maiden name (the last name she was born with).
  • The cities where your birth parents’ were born.

Insider Tip

If you don't know your biological parents' names or where they were born, you can still apply. You'll need:

  • A letter explaining why you don't know this information. 
  • Two pieces of ID (one with a photo).
  • A signed letter from someone who has known you for at least two years. 

When you have this information: 

  1. Go to the Service Canada website.
  2. Click on the province where you were born.
  3. Find the application form for birth certificates (you can get one with or without your biological parent's names).
  4. Pay the fee. Fee payment differ based on the province you were born in, but generally they range from $20-$50. 

Insider Tips

If you're in care or on a Youth Agreement, the fee will be covered by your social worker.

If you need help with the application form or want to apply in person, go to any Service BC office.

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