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New quests and info pages

You can now learn money skills and food skills on Aged Out!  We’re excited to share two new quests with you!  

Check out Money Sense (under the Money and Income topic)  – this animated quest is a partnership with the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT).  Meet our characters Sam and Alex as they journey through a dream world to learn about values, money goals, what it means to track your money and the importance of a budget. The quest uses the PGT’s Dollars and Sense workshop materials and furthers their commitment to improve the financial literacy of youth in and transitioning out of care. It is a great addition to Agedout’s one stop resource of valuable life skills supporting youth to thrive as they transition to adults. Don’t forget to check out the PGT’s 6 new info pages. 


Check out Eating Well on a Budget (under the Health and Wellness topic) – this comic strip quest introduces you to nutritional information and helps you to become comfortable in your kitchen. Bob and Sally will teach you how to plan your meals, how to shop for groceries within your budget, what tools you will need, how to store your food and some great recipes to get you started. Pretty soon you will be your own master chef sharing your creations with your friends!


To add to the fun, we’ve added a bunch of new info pages:

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In Crisis Contact List

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