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Effective April 4, 2024, youth and young adults with care experience in British Columbia have access to expanded supports through the Strengthening Abilities and Journeys of Empowerment (SAJE) program. The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and Indigenous Child and Family Service (ICFS) Agencies are now supporting more young adults with care experience, for longer. SAJE offers young adults improved income and housing supports, wellness and mental health benefits, and opportunities to pursue life-skills, training and cultural connections up to their 27th birthday.

Expanded Elegibility

Today, historic legislative changes have come into force, enabling the Province to provide more inclusive, flexible, and tailored supports and services to eligible young adults with care experience. These changes enable MCFD and ICFS Agencies to:

  • Extend support up to the age of 27 for eligible young adults who have:
    • Reached their 19th birthday on a Youth Agreement or Continuing Custody Order or under the personal guardianship of a director, OR
    • Achieved permanency (i.e., adoption after being in care, or under section 54.1 or 54.01) between the ages of 12-19, OR
    • Had 24 months of cumulative time in care between the ages of 12-19, in a range of in- and out-of-care statuses, OR
    • Were in a comparable arrangement under Indigenous law.
  • Support young adults with care experience to maintain stable housing by making pandemic housing supports and the rent supplement program permanent.

Tips and Tricks

Not sure if you are eligible, or what you are eligible for in the SAJE program?

Click here to request a SAJE eligibility check.

Changes to THAs and TSAs

THAs and TSAs are now confirmed in legislation for eligible young adults between their 19th and 21st birthdays and subject to the new expanded SAJE eligibility.

MCFD’s Youth Advisory Council has renamed the supports:
• SAJE Housing Agreement (SHA – formerly THA), and
• SAJE Support Agreement (SSA – formerly TSA).

SHAs and SSAs help eligible young adults between the ages of 19 and 21 maintain their pre-19 housing or help with their living expenses (for a maximum of 24 months). Young adults eligible for, or on a SHA can move from a SHA to a SSA at any time between their 19th and 21st birthday.

Young adults currently on THAs and TSAs can continue to access them until their agreements conclude, or transition to an SHA or SSA if they remain eligible. No new THAs or THAs will be signed after April 3, 2024.

Income Support (Unconditional/UIS and Conditional/CIS)

Eligible young adults with care experience can receive an unconditional income support (UIS) of up to $1250 from age 19 to 20 to help with their living expenses. Ongoing monthly income support remains available until age 27 if a young adult engages in approved programming on a conditional income support (CIS).

• The UIS supports young adults between 19th and 20th birthday and participation in programming is optional.
• The CIS supports young adults between their 20th and 27th birthday while participating in life-skills, training, educational, vocational, cultural, rehabilitative or a combination of programming.

Eligible young adults can be supported by SAJE and other MCFD and ICFS Agency staff with planning, and to access post-majority SAJE supports.

Phasing Out AYA

As of April 4, 2024, the SAJE program is fully available and no new AYAs will be signed after April 3, 2024. AYA is moving into a legacy phase and adults who are currently on an AYA can continue to access the program until their agreement concludes.

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You can also contact MCFD’s SAJE Provincial Support Services (SPSS) at 1-866-623-3001 or

ICFS Agencies may also have dedicated workers to assist Indigenous youth with planning for their transition to adulthood and accessing the SAJE program. If you are looking for an ICFS Agency please visit the Indigenous Child and Family Service Agencies/Delegated Aboriginal Agencies in BC webpage. If you are looking for a specific agency, please see this list of Agencies.

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