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When you start a new job, you should check to make sure you are getting paid properly by checking your paystub.

How you'll get paid

There are two common ways to be paid:

  1. Direct Deposit means your money goes directly into your bank account on payday.
  2. Cheques are the old-fashioned things you deposit through your bank, either with a mobile app or at a bank location.

Parts of a pay stub

No matter how you are paid, you should always get a paystub. Paystubs explain your pay and deductions for the pay period and have two parts:

  1. Gross Pay or Income earned: are earnings rates, hourly wage, and benefits like vacation time.
  2. Deductions and taxes: are the parts taken off your pay like taxes, your employment insurance, and other programs. Your take home pay or Net Pay is the total of your earned hours with the deductions taken off.

You can check out a sample pay stub below

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