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Métis Culture

Métis Culture

The Métis BC Nation represents nearly 90,000 self-identified Métis people in British Columbia.  Nearly 18,000 are registered Métis Citizens with Metis Nation British Columbia (MNBC). The Métis people originated in the 1700s when French and Scottish fur traders married Aboriginal women, such as the Cree, and Anishinabe (Ojibway). Their descendants formed a distinct culture, collective consciousness and nationhood in the Northwest.

Provincial Metis Youth Forum

This Forum provides opportunities for Métis Youth to network with other youth from across the province while they learn more about their Métis culture and engage in various workshops. The overall goal of the forum is to enhance leadership and employment skills and offer youth the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their culture.

Metis youth resources

Employment resources:

The Métis Nation British Columbia administers the Métis Employment & Training Program (METP) to improve the employment potential, capacity to earn, and self-sufficiency of Métis people in BC.

Young Women in Business BC is a central forum that connects ambitious, like-minded women across educational fields, careers, and industries.

Have you considered a career in trades? Explore ITA’S Aboriginal Initiatives support. ITA manages over 100 trade programs in B.C.[LH1]

BC’s Career Guide for Aboriginal People  This guide offers information on career exploration, skills training, education and funding support, as well as how to connect to employers. Learn about job duties, wages and even projected demand in your region.

Aboriginal BEST is for Aboriginal, Métis, and Inuit, status or not, who are interested in becoming self-employed or want to start their own business.

If you’re interested in self-employment, BDC Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment works to find your fit for entrepreneurship.

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Métis Nation of British Columbia – The Métis National Council and the Provincial Government of British Columbia, as well as the Federal Government of Canada, recognizes the MNBC as the official governing organization for Métis in BC.

Métis youth BC

Métis National Council – The Métis National Council is the governing body of the Métis people of Northwestern Canada. They represent the Métis Nation both nationally and internationally receiving direction from the elected leadership of the Métis Nation’s provincial level governments. The goal of the Métis National Council is to secure a healthy space for the Métis Nations on-going existence with the Canadian federation.

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