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How to change your gender marker

How to change your gender marker

What is a gender marker?

A gender marker is the male (M) or female (F) on identification that shows your assigned biological status at birth, meaning the genitalia and chromosomes you were born with. If your assigned status at birth is not how you identify, you may want to change your gender markers on your ID. Most identification in BC have the options of using male (M), female (F) or X for your gender marker. Gender X is for individuals who do not identify as either male or female.


Hormones or surgery are no longer a requirement for being able to change your gender marker on BC or federal documents.

How can I change the gender marker on my identifications?

It is best to change your gender marker on your birth certificate first before your other identifications.

How do I change my gender marker on my birth certificate?

Step 1: Fill out an Application for Change of Gender Designation form. If you are under 19 use this form. If you are over 19 use this form.

Please note: If you are under 19, there is a section on the form that your legal guardian is required to fill out. You also must include proof of guardianship with the application. *birth certificates that lists your parent/s names OR copies of any orders of guardianship issued by the Courts are considered proof of legal guardianship*

There is a $27 birth certificate amendment fee that you will need to pay by cheque or credit card.

Insider Tip

If your net income is close to or below $20,000 or you have other extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to pay, you can ask the Vital Statistics Agency to waive the fee to change your gender marker ($27)
To do this you need to: add a letter with your application that asks for a fee waiver and include your proof of income.

Step 2: Have a Physician or Psychologist fill out this form.

Step 3: You will need to send previous birth certificates in with your application.

When you are ready to send all documents in, mail them to:

ATTENTION: Ingrid Bloomfield, The Vital Statistics Agency, 305 – 478 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N7

Costs to order your new birth certificate:

*please note that the birth certificate amendment fee ($27) is a separate fee – there is also a fee for your new birth certificate*

How do I change my gender marker on my BC services card, BC ID or drivers’ licence?

Step 1: Ensure you have updated your gender marker on your birth certificate.

Step 2: Complete the application for Change of Gender designation – Adult or Youth. + have your doctor complete this form. *Make 2 copies of each form*

Step 3: Send a copy to Health Insurance BC at PO Box 9035 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC, V8W 9E3 and you will get a confirmation letter back from them.

Step 2: Book an appointment at a drivers licencing office.

You will need to bring a copy of the 2 forms mentioned above, your updated birth certificate and the required primary and secondary ID.

If you plan to apply for or currently have an enhanced driver's licence (EDL) or enhanced ID card (EIC) , please contact ICBC before you make an appointment. Please note that the gender "X" option is not currently available on EDLs or EICs.

Need further support?

Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre provides low-barrier wellness services to transgender and gender non-conforming people. They have lawyers that can provide support and guidance on this process. Click here to inquire about an appointment.

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