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Find subsidized housing

Find subsidized housing

Subsidized housing means the government or an organization is helping to pay your rent. BC Housing and Co-Operative Housing Federation of BC are two main organizations.

Do I qualify?

You may qualify for subsidized housing if you’re Canadian and a:

  • Low income person or family.
  • Person with a disability.
Do I have low income?

Low income means your total family income is below certain limits. It depends where you live. See the income table

How do I apply?

On the BC Housing website:

  1. Apply online.
Insider Tip

Fill out a Supplemental Application if you’re in a housing crisis. People in a housing crisis are given top priority. Housing crisis means you are:
Experiencing homelessness.
Fleeing violence or abuse.
Living in poor conditions that are affecting your health.

On the Housing Co-Operatives website:

  1. Choose your location. Type in your city and click find.
  2. Fill out an application form for each co-op you’re interested in. Some are online. Others are on paper and need to be mailed.
  3. Keep your application up-to-date while you wait.

Insider Tip

When you’ve been accepted to join a co-op, the Disability Trust and the Domestic Violence Relief Fund may help you pay for upfront costs.

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