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Telus Mobility for Good Update!

We heard you! has received several emails and comments from you about your frustration with this program. Please do not give up!  This is a great program and worth up to $1,000 for young adults with care experience aged 19 to 26.  Already 400 BC young adults have applied and 350 have their phones and plans. TELUS and Children’s Aid Foundation (CAF) are in the process of improvements.

Here are a few hot tips:
Do not ask about this plan at a TELUS store and do not call a TELUS office – front line staff do not always know about all the programs they offer.
Please apply and get your code from CAF and then go online to set up your plan – you will receive your phone and SIM card in the mail.
If you lose your phone, connect with TELUS and they will let you know how they can continue to support you – you will NOT be charged for the lost phone.
If you use a lot of data, there may be additional monthly charges that are your RESPONSILITY – make sure you set a data maximum on your phone equivalent to the data that the plan offers! 

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