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Empowering youth in and from government care in BC

MCFD’s $600-a-month Rent Supplement 4th Intake Period Opens February 20

The 4th intake period for the MCFD Rent Supplement opens soon!

MCFD’s $600-a-month Rent Supplement applications are back! Eligible young adults can apply for the the 4th intake period between February 20, 2024, at 8:00 AM and March 3, 2024, at 11:59 PM.

Eligible young adults can access a $600-a-month rent supplement for up to two years. All eligible young adults are encouraged to apply. 50% of Rent Supplements are first available to Indigenous young adults. The Rent Supplement is intended to reach the most vulnerable young adults. Once Indigeneity and income criteria are applied, applications are also assessed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Young adults planning to apply are encouraged to consult the Rent Supplement FAQ, and prepare key documents needed for the application.

Young adults can apply for the Rent Supplement if:

  1. They are between the ages of 19 to 26 (up until their 27th birthday); and
  2. They meet at least ONE of the following criteria:
    1. Are eligible for the Agreements with Young Adults program; OR
    1. Spent 24 cumulative months in any care status between the ages of 12 to 19; OR
    1. Were adopted or had their custody permanently transferred to someone other than their parent between ages 12 to 19.

Eligible young adults must be renting in the private rental market in B.C.

Young adults on an Agreement with a Young Adult (AYA) or Temporary Support Agreement (TSA) are also eligible for the MCFD Rent Supplement

Additional Information and Resources:

SAJE Housing Supports

WebpageRent Supplement FAQ

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