TELUS Mobility for Good

The TELUS Mobility for Good program (M4G) is a partnership between MCFD, TELUS and the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. TELUS Mobility for Good offers eligible young people from care a free phone and 2-year data plan at no cost. After the 2 years is up, young adults can have a low cost, $35/month plan!

To make it easier for you to apply, the program is now fully administered by TELUS (previously shared with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada).

*NEW* TELUS Mobility for Good is now available to youth in and from care accross Canada! 

*NEW* As of December 1, 2019, the M4G plan now includes the Peace of Mind functionality which throttles down the data speed after 3 GB and does not charge for the slower speed data. This means there is no possibility of overage charges.

Am I eligible for the TELUS mobility for good program?

You can apply for the TELUS M4G program if:

  • You are between the ages of 19 – 26 at the time of application
  • You were in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency (DAA) or on a Youth Agreement (YAG) and aged out at 19
  • OR you are eligible for the Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) program (NOTE: You do not need to be on AYA, just eligible for it.)

TELUS Internet for Good

*NEW* Effective May 6th, 2020, young adults who are accepted to the M4G program will be eligible for TELUS Internet for Good. The program offers a 300 GB internet plan for $9.95 per month (plus applicable taxes) for 2 years.

When a young adult receives their Mobility for Good acceptance letter there will be information included that will share how to contact TELUS Internet for Good to sign up. This offer is not retroactive and individuals who were accepted to the M4G program prior to May 6, 2020 will not be eligible for the TELUS Internet for Good program.

TELUS Internet for Good for Students - Available for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. Telus Internet for Good redemption codes can be given out by teachers/principals at your school. Click here to learn more.

How do I apply?

TELUS Mobility for Good is now fully administered by TELUS (previously shared with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada).

  1. Confirm that you are eligible.
  2. Download a letter of eligibility from their website according to the province in which you were in care and find a ministry or youth agency worker to fill it out for you.
  3. Complete an online application form.
  4. You will receive your personal verification code via email within 2 weeks of signing up. When you are approved a letter of approval will be emailed to you that contains your personal verification code and contact information for TELUS so you can set up your  account.
  5. Go online or call TELUS to create your TELUS account. You’ll need to provide the following information:
    • Your Driver’s License, SIN or Provincial Photo Card (any one of these is acceptable).
    • Phone number and account number of any cell phone provider you want to transfer from, or your TELUS phone number (if applicable).
    • Accessible mailing address for shipping of the phone and/or sim card
  6. Once your order is processed, your phone and/or sim card will be shipped to your address.


Additionally, all new TELUS customers must undergo a credit check, but youth referred to TELUS through this program will be able to sign up regardless of their credit history.

PLEASE NOTE: the results of your credit check will not impact your eligibility for this program! AND if you have bad credit, this program offers an opportunity to build your credit! 


Each individual will receive only ONE verification code during the entire lifetime of this program. Codes expire after 6 months and they cannot be replaced, so you must make sure you are ready to enrol in the program with 4 months of receiving your verification code.


To find out more click here.

Please note: This is the correct email address to contact TELUS with any questions regarding your plan or phone, the email address they have on their website isn't the correct one.

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