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The Public Guardian and Trustee and youth in care

If you are in the continuing care of the province of BC, then you have a property guardian called the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT). Your legal and financial matters would fall under the PGT's responsibility.


What does this really mean?

As your property guardian, they apply for financial benefits you may be entitled to collect. For example, if your parent receives Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits or has passed away, you might be eligible to receive these benefits too!

If you are eligible, you can receive these monthly payments up to age 18 and you can continue to receive them up to age 25 as long as you are in school. If you are eligible to receive these or any other benefits, their office will apply for and receive them on your behalf. To do this, they ask your social worker, foster parents or any other important adult who helps you to contact us and share information.

Your thoughts and ideas for case planning and financial management are things the PGT wants to hear.

Help with legal issues

If you are injured or involved in an accident while in the continuing care of the province, your social worker will share this information with the PGT through a report.

They review the information and often speak with a lawyer at the PGT to find out if there might be a legal claim to make on your behalf. Injuries are defined as car accidents, accidents at school, physical or sexual assault or some other kind of injury or harm.

Please check in with your social worker or the PGT office to make sure that their information about you is up to date.

What happens to your money?

If the PGT has received financial benefits or monies from a legal claim for you, they will hold it in trust until you turn 19 . All funds they receive are kept in a trust account with your name that earns interest every month.

Laws in BC ensure the PGT holds and protects your money until you are an adult (age 19). Under special circumstances, the PGT may release money from your trust fund for specific items or activities that are not paid for by the Ministry.

To find out more, you or your social worker can contact the PGT to discuss your needs.

What happens when you turn 19?

The PGT can work with you, your social worker or any other trusted adult in your life to help you build a plan that is right for you to manage your money at 19.

You will need a bank account. They can help you plan to use your money to reach your goals. NEW LEGISLATION effective December 3, 2018 - the PGT can now work with you and your trust funds until your 27th birthday. 

You can also access the Dollars and Sense Guide and Workbook on the PGT website. 


Contact the PGT with your questions at 604-775-3480 or email them at

Toll free calling is available through Service BC – dial the number for your area and request to be transferred to the Public Guardian and Trustee (office hours 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday).

  • Vancouver 604-660-2421
  • Victoria 250-387-6121
  • Elsewhere 800-663-7867


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