Get a driver’s licence

A driver's licence is really useful to have. It gives you independence and opens you up for job opportunities.

Why should I get my driver’s licence? 

With your licence, you can:

  • Travel to non-transit friendly places and take trips.
  • Have better access to jobs. Many jobs require a licence. 
  • Have more responsibility. 
  • Enjoy more freedom to go places and do the things you want.

How do I get my learner's licence?

To get your learner's (Class 7L) licence, you should:

  1. Be at least 16. If you're under 19, you'll need your guardian to sign a consent form.
  2. Prepare. Study the Learn to Drive Smart manual.
  3. Go to an ICBC office and pay the $15 fee.
  4. Pass a knowledge and vision test.

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How can I practice for my road test?

The Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks offers a Reach for Success Bursary. You can apply to receive up to $500 towards driving school!

Find an ICBC recommended driving school to help you get ready for your N (Class 7) road test!

Insider Tip

Check with your high school as you may be able to get credits towards your graduation when you complete drivers training.

How do I get my novice driver's licence?

To get your new driver's (Class 7N) licence, you should: 

  1. Have your learner's license for at least a year, without any penalties. 
  2. Book your road test.

On the day of your road test, you'll need:

  • A safe vehicle with working brakes, horn, etc. 
  • Insurance and registration documents.
  • Your ID. Before you go, check to make sure yours will be accepted
  • Money to pay for your road test ($35) and - hopefully - your new licence ($75.)

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I don't want my driver’s licence but I still need ID. What can I get?

BCID is the way to go. It has your picture on it like a driver's licence. To get one:

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