Get a BC Services Card (CareCard)

Your BC Services Card (or CareCard) lets you access the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) for any medical service in BC.

Why do I need a BC Services Card?

Your BC Services Card lets you access any health care service in BC, like:

  • Doctors
  • Walk-in clinics
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency room visits
  • Maternity services

How do I get a BC Services Card?

  1. Visit an ICBC office with two pieces of ID.
  2. Bring a piece of ID or bill with your address on it to confirm you're a BC resident.
  3. Get your photo taken at the ICBC office.
  4. Receive your BC Services Card in the mail.

Insider Tip

When you get either your BCID (British Columbia Identification) or driver's license, you'll be asked to enroll in the BC Services Card. This replaces the CareCard. If you don't have a BC Services Card yet, don't worry.

How much does it cost? 

The BC Services Card is free.

If you decide to get a dual BC Services Card, which combines your driver's licence and BC Service Card the cost is:

$31 for your Learners Licence combined with your BC Services Card.

$75 for your Novice Licence combined with your BC Services Card.

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