Indigenous Youth Services - Cultural supports and programs

If you are an Indigenous youth who wants to learn more about your culture, there are resources and supports available to you.


  • Wise Practices – This project was developed as a way to support  National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention. Wise practices aims to promote wellbeing, suicide prevention and community healing.
  • First Voices – First Voices is a website where you can learn about many different Indigenous languages.
  • Culture for Life – A website aimed to support youth who want to learn more and connect with their culture.
  • Indigenous story studio – Comic books, illustrations, posters and videos on health and social issues for Indigenous youth
  • Metis Nation of BC – Ministry of Youth. The Ministry of Youth represents and advocates on behalf of Metis youth at the community, provincial, and national level.
  • Indigenous Youth Wellness – Resources website where you can watch videos and learn about culture and building community.
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