Get help with substance use

Overdoses are on the rise. There are services available in British Columbia aimed to provide support to people who want to stop using substances. If you need support to deal with substance use and/or you want to receive treatment, these are some of the services you can access.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment centres offer residential programs, there are out patient programs and harm reduction resources as well.

Opioid agonist therapy involves medication that can help with cravings and withdrawal. Medications such as Methadone and Suboxone will help to overcome opiate use.

Clinics and community organizations around BC can help you identify the best plan for your needs, whether it is a treatment centre, agonist therapy, or another option.

***Tip*** You may also qualify for an AYA while attending a rehabilitation program. Check out our AYA info page for more details.

How can I access treatment in BC?

Many health centres across BC are set up to help you access different treatment options for substance use.

Alcohol & Drug Information Referral Service (ADIRS) provides free, confidential information and referral services to people in need of support with any kind of substance use issue (alcohol or other drugs). Referral to community substance use treatment services is available for all ages.

Need support? Call ADIRS toll-free at 1 800 663-1441, or in the lower mainland at 604 660-9382 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online, you can:

What are my options in the lower mainland?

In the lower mainland, the number of clinics continue to expand their service options.

The Rapid Access Addiction Clinic (RAAC) is staffed by an addiction care team on the second floor of the Burrard Building at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

Vancouver Coastal Health Substance use Treatment and Response Team (START) can provide quick at-home detox in Vancouver. Call them at 604-658-1278 or email: Find referrals at

  • Access and Assessment Centre (AAC) at 604-875-8289
  • Access Central is a telephone service that provides access to withdrawal management services and addictions housing. 1-866-658-1221

Downtown Eastside Connections clinic can provide opioid agonist treatment at 569 Powell Street, Monday to Friday. You can call them at 604-675-3600.

PHS Health Care Clinic, at 350 Columbia offers full primary care and opiate addictions treatment with walk-ins. 604-879-7906

Pender Primary Care clinic is located at 59 West Pender Street. Clients should drop-in 10:30am-12:30pm. 604-669-9181

Raven Song Primary Care Clinic is located at 2450 Ontario Street. 604-709-6400.

Three Bridges Primary Care Clinic at 1128 Hornby Street. Call (604) 331-8900 to set up appointment.

For mothers and folks recently or currently pregnant, Sheway at 533 E Hastings St operates 9:15am-4:00pm weekday drop-ins.  604-216-1684.

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