COVID-19 emergency supports extended for youth and young adults!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Youth COVID-19 supports have been EXTENDED!

Until March 31st, 2021:

- If you're in foster care, an out-of-care placement or a contracted residential agency, you will be able to stay where you are past your 19th birthday.

- If you're on an Independent Living Agreement or Youth Agreement, you will receive monthly living expenses past your 19th birthday.

AND the Temporary Life Skills option for the AYA program will now be available for another year!

Until September 30th, 2021:

- You can access a wider range of programs and be eligible for AYA.

- The hours you need to participate in a program for AYA have been reduced (min hours = 5 hours per week of life skills OR 10 hours per week of therapeutic programs OR a combination of both equal to 10 hours.

- Cultural programs can been be accessed as your AYA program.

***However, the ''pause'' on AYA time will end as of Sept 30th, 2020 and the age cap (27) is back in effect. This means that as of Sept, 30th, 2020, your AYA will count towards your total of 48 months and youth will only be able to be on an AYA up until their 27th birthday.***


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