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Did you know the RentSmart Certificate can provide you a reference for housing? Learn the life skills to be a good tenant with the Rentsmart Certificate.

What is Ready to Rent BC?

Ready to Rent BC offers education and support to help youth find and keep good housing.

How can they help me find a place to live?

Youth are encourage to enrol in RentSmart. This is a 12 hour course that focuses on the life skills required to be a responsible tenant. At the end of the course, graduates receive a certificate. 

How is RentSmart useful to me?

The RentSmart certificate is recognized by BC Housing and will be a reference on your application for housing. This is super useful when you rent for the first time or have had a difficult experience in the past.
Once you have completed the course you can call Ready to Rent with any housing issues or concerns. They will support you and provide information to help solve the issue.



Where are RentSmart courses offered?

Click here for more info on RentSmart courses.


Call to register 1-250-388-7171.


Want to do a RentSmart course online?

The online RentSmart course is now free! Click here to sign up,


What if I want to live with a roommate?


Roommates are a great way to make housing more affordable but this arrangement also comes with some challenges. Ready to Rent BC developed a Roommate Guide to help make the transition to live with other people easier.


What will I find in the roommate guide?


The guide helps roommates prepare and plan for happy and safe living situations. The guide provides information on how to avoid conflicts and solve common problems before they happen. The guide is 5 pages long and includes:

  • things to talk about before you move in together
  • What the law says about roommate living situations
  • How to be a good roommate
  • How to have effective communication
  • Common issues and tips to solve them
  • Roommate Agreement template for everyone to sign
  • Resources and support of where to go for help when issues arise.

Have any questions? Or would like to learn more about Ready to Rent, visit

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