Beyond bursaries: the AYA program

The Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) program is only for former youth in care (Continuing Custody Order or Youth Agreement). It provides financial support for you to finish high school, to go to college or university, to take a rehabilitation program, or to take a life skills program.

*NEW* Temporary Life Skills Program

*NEW* All emergency measures have been approved until September 30, 2020. 

Check out MCFD's Temporary Life-Skills Program infographic here.

MCFD temporary Life Skills Programs for those currently on AYA or who choose to age out onto an AYA between April 1 and September 30th, 2020:

Minimum requirements during COVID-19:

• a minimum of 5 hours a week of self-directed life skills activities.

• Engage for 1 hour per day in an activity related to the seven domains listed here -  explore cultural learning, try a new recipe, establish a daily health routine, watch Ted Talks on careers you might be interested in.

• Activities can be focused in a single domain, but it is recommended that you participate in a variety of life-skills activities across all domains.

• Temporary Life Skills Program cycle duration is 12-weeks.

Check out this link to see a list of Life Skills programs available.

Click here to read MCFD's practice bulletin #8 for more information. 

Reach out to your local MCFD/DAA office to access the AYA under these new guidelines. You can also contact the Representative for Children and Youth at or call 1-800-476-3933. The Representatives Office can support you in making the right connections within your local MCFD or DAA office.

Am I eligible for the AYA program?

You can apply to AYA if:

1. You had one of the following care statuses on your 19th birthday:

  • Continuing Custody Order (CCO)
  • Youth Agreement
  • In the process of adoption (Family Relations Act)

2.  you are doing at least one of the following:

3. And are older than 19 and younger than 27 years old.

Insider Tip

When you leave care, get a letter stating your care status (Many bursaries require you to prove you were in care). If you've already left care, call your last social worker's office and ask them for the letter. You might have to go into an office and show your ID to get it.

What kind of financial help can I get from AYA?

You can get money for:

  • Living expenses
  • Child care
  • Tuition fees
  • Health care

How do I apply? 

To apply for AYA:

1. Fill out the application form. (If you experience issues opening the form, please email with subject line AYA form and we will send it to you in file format)
2. Drop it off at an MCFD office

When looking for an office:

  1. Click the link above
  2. Enter in your city or town
  3. Look for Child and Family Services offices
  4. Select the one closest to you

3. Wait for the AYA social worker in your area to contact you. It might take a month or so. 

Who can help me fill out the application form?

Anyone at an MCFD office

When looking for an office:

  1. Click the link above
  2. Enter in your city or town
  3. Look for Child and Family Services offices
  4. Select the one closest to you

How long can I stay on an AYA for?

You can stay on an AYA for 48 months.

Please note: Any "paused" AYA time during the pandemic will not count toward the maximum 48-month program duration or age limit of 27.

Which life skills programs are eligible? (New!)

Life Skills Programs Eligible for AYA-Funded Young Adults

Where Who What program Contact
Campbell River Laichwilthach Family Life Society Aboriginal Life Skills Program


Campbell River The John Howard Society of North Island Foundry Campbell River


Courtenay The John Howard Society of North Island The Station - Supported Independent Living 250-338-7341
Kelowna New Opportunities for Women Canada Society (NOW) The Essential Program 250-763-3876
New Westminster Aunt Leah's Place Branches AYA Life Skills Program
(604) 525 1204 ext. 234
North Vancouver Hollyburn Family Services Society (HFSS) Life Success Program 604-987-8211
Prince George Carrier Sekani Family Services (CSFS) Bridging to Employment Life Skills to Success 250-562-3591
Prince George Prince George Association for Community Living AimHi 250-649-3321
Surrey Options Community Services (OCS) Supported Youth Independent Housing Program 604-418-4736
Vancouver Covenant House Vancouver Rights of Passage 604-647-4480
Vancouver Pacific Community Resources Society (PCRS) Youth Housing Services 604-951-4821
Vancouver YWCA Metro Vancouver Strive 604-895-5791 604-202-7011 (cell)
Whistler Zero Ceiling  Work 2 Live 604-962-5000
Kamloops A Way Home Kamloops Safe Suites 250-828-0446
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